Division of Chemicals and Consumer Products

Responsibilities : Division of Chemicals and Consumer Products

1.To be Thailand’s third party laboratory in chemical, chemical product, consumer product, and pollutant testing.

2.Perform chemical and physical testing (all products in the value chain) according to relevant standards, regulations, rules, or customer requirements on chemical, chemical product, consumer product and pollutant in production process in order to analyze the major component, minor component and minor contaminant, and to apply the result for quality development and quality control as well as certify the result for auction, trade, approval, and application for industry standards.

3.Research and develop to increase the testing capabilities and to improve the quality and safety of products including the environmental safety.

4.Monitor, verify and surveil the products quality as well as the pollution and its environmental impact for the benefit of consumer’s safety.

5.Study and monitor the changes in the regulation for the purpose of the purpose of evaluation, action planning and taking action on the relevant part.

6.Perform laboratory safety management.

7.Provide consultation on the technicality and relevant standards.

8.Network or collaborate with relevant agencies in launching the rules and standards in both domestic and international settings.

9.Provide support and collaboration with other agencies/organizations, or perform other duties as assigned.

Division of Chemicals and Consumer Products

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