Structure : Divsion of Science and Technology Information

General Administration Subdivision
     Taking responsibility on general affairs, correspondence tasks, budget, maintenance, materials repair, human resource development, accounting, materials procurement. Filing and searching the documents and regulations. Coordinating and supporting units in a county and abroad. Preparing manuals, monthly reports, annual reports. Giving advices and solving problems. Performing some duties that are not assigned to be duties of other divisions.

Science and Technology Library Group
      Developing an updated information collection as needed and an automation library system Creating an index database for the quick access, reference service system, good information searching resource both in a country and abroad, technical advice including the science and technology information activity/project.
Science and Technology Information Center
    Promoting the use of science and technology information for the research, industry, education, career development, and good quality of life. Collecting the ready-use of the technical data in science and technology. Networking scientist databases. Publicizing technology information to industry and community, Cooperating with units in a country and abroad in order to increase the potentiality and competency in following-up the science and technology progress for the research work and industrial development.

Information Technology Center
  Taking responsibility on an information system of Bureau of Science and Technology Information. Studying the applied appropriate.for the integral information technology. Giving advices in using a computer system. Managing the safety of in house computer system. Developing the information technology staff of BSTI. Coordinating other related units.

Bureau of Science and Technology Information

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