Procedure for Participant Appeal of Performance Assessment in Proficiency testing scheme

        If participants disagree with their performance in a proficiency testing scheme organized by Center for Laboratory Proficiency Testing (CLPT), Department of Science Service, they should inform CLPT in writing. The person whose name has been given to CLPT to be the person who receives report or an authorized representative should submit a written request to CLPT to the address below. All appeal must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days following after receipt of final report. 
      Written submissions will be assessed by the Director of CLPT and concerned CLPT staff, and a response will be expected within thirty (30) days.  
        The response from CLPT will include our interpretation of the outcome of the assessment together with an explanation of that outcome.  It may include explanation of calculation and statistically analysis of the outcome. 
       All written appeals shall be sent to :Director of Department of Science Service Rama 6 Road, Rachathewi District Rama 6 Road Bangkok 10400

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