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Drinking water/filtered water

How to know whether a water sample is drinkable.

  • Request the chemical and microbiological analysis of the water sample according to drinking water standard such as Thai Industrial Standard 257 (TIS 257) or Notification of the Ministry of Public Health No. 61 and No. 135
  • The chemical analysis requires approximate 5 liters of water filled in the client’s container(s).
  • For the microbiological analysis, the client needs to call 0-2201-7198-9 to reserve the sterilized container(s) for the water sample from the Department of Science Service (DSS) before water sample submission.
  • If the client requests all test items for the water sample, the client needs to submit the water sample on Monday-Tuesday at 8.30 am - 12.00 pm.
  • If the client requests the test items for water excluding the microbiological analysis, the client shall submit the water sample on Monday-Thursday or 2 working days prior to public holidays at 8.30 am – 16.30 pm.
  • The water analysis period requires approximate 30 working days.

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