Center for ASEAN Food Contact Materials Testing

Application documents for request the COA.

  1. A sample name
  2. A sample description
  3. A name of the manufacturer
  4. An address of the manufacturer
  5. A name of the exporter
  6. An address of the exporter
  7. A Lot. number and a PI number
  8. A product detail and a packaging type

How to send the sample for testing.

Tel. +66 (0) 2201 7182-3.

  1. Send the perfect condition and sufficient amount of the sample to DSS.
  2. Fill all details of the sample in the request form, e.g. test method, sample detail, objective and used condition for specific test parameter.
  3. Pay fee for the testing.
  4. Receive the test result.

How to pay fee for testing.

For more information and a request for the quotation, please contact Tel. +66 (0) 2201 7182-3.

Testing periods per one sample.

Within 45 working days.

In case of plastic samples are same materials and colors, but different sizes such as baby bottles 8 oz. and 10 oz. or such samples consist of many component parts made from same materials and colors such as baby bottles made from the PP plastic consistin

In this case, the samples will be not tested and counted as one sample. All component parts need to be tested separately, i.e. different sizes and compositions, since Thai FDA will consider this kind of sample as the separate samples.

Could you correct the details in the testing report such as the sample name and company name?

You could not do that in case the testing report had already been sent to customers.

In case of the testing report in Thai language being already in the customer’s hand but the English translation being needed by the customer.

The customer can request the English translation of the testing report by filling the request form and paying 100 baht fee for the translation.   

The laboratory offers the testing of water vapor transmission rate and oxygen transmission rate, doesn’t it?

DSS provides two parameters as follows:

  • Water vapor transmission rate involves in  2 principles: ASTM (2014), F 1249-06 and ASTM (2014), E 386-03
  • Oxygen transmission rate involves in 2 principles: ASTM (2014), D 3985-05 (Reapproved 2010) and ASTM (2014), D 1434-82 (Reapproved 2009), Procedure M.

How many samples does DSS require for testing?

The numbers of samples depend on testing parameters, sizes and types of samples such as bags: A4 size.

  • Analysis of samples according to Notification of the Ministry of Public Health No. 295 (2005, Thailand) requires 15 samples.
  • Analysis of samples according to EU regulation No.10/2011 requires 5 samples per 1 food stimulant testing.

Testing for water vapor transmission rate and gas transmission rate are required 2 samples.

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