Test, Analysis, and Calibration Services

    • Test and Analysis. We accept the following items: 
      • Mineral, Metal, Metallic Alloy, and other inorganic samples
      • Fuel, lubrication and other petrochemical products
      • Chemicals for Agriculture (e.g., chemical fertilizer, fertilizer from organic substance )
      • Water (e.g., drinking water, clean water, waste water, water from natural resources, etc.)
      • Rubber and plastic (e.g., raw rubber, rubber sheets, rubber products, etc.)
      • Chemicals and chemical products (e.g. detergent, cleaning agent, antiseptic, cosmetics, acid, etc.)
      • Construction and structural materials
      • Electrical appliances (e.g., electric fans, rice cooker, electric stoves, microwave oven, electrical tapes, electrical wire, electrical insulation, car battery, etc.)
      • Ceramics and Glass.
      • Pulp, paper, and paper products.
      • Food and beverage (e.g., cooking oil, fat, milk and dairy products, food condiments, general food product, chemical s for food, food packaging, animal feeds, etc.)
      • Pollution in environment (e.g., air, water, industrial waste, noise pollution measurement, etc.)
      • Other industrial products (e.g., pipes, glues, garment, garment fiber, etc.)
    • Calibration Service. We accept the following items :
      • Reference materials (e.g. the standard hardness test block, pH meter, etc.)
      • Temperature and Humidity (e.g. the ovens, glass thermometers, digital-thermometer with probe, thermo-hygrometer, etc.) 
      • Pressure (e.g., pressure gauge for fluid, pressure gauge for gas, vacuum gauge, etc.)
      • Length and dimension (e.g., measuring tape, steel ruler, micrometer, dial gauge, vernier Caliper, etc.)
      • Mass (e.g., standard mass, weighing machine, etc.)
      • Volume (e.g. the pipette, volumetric flask, graduated cylinder, burette, etc.)
      • Vibration (e.g., vibration meter, accelerometer, etc.)
      • Voltage and Frequency (e.g., ohmmeter, multi-meter, RPM meter, Watt-meter, etc.)
      • Forces (e.g., force transducers for compression and tension, etc.)
    • Steps for submitting samples and receiving testing or calibration results
      • Submitting samples to the DSS's correspondence
      • Fill in the request form and make a choice on how would you like to collect the results and/or items back (Pick up or Mail delivery). Note: The request form can be obtained at the DSS's correspondence, 1st floor Tua-Palanukrom Building, Department of Science Service, Tel. 02-201-7064-5 or you can download the form at
      • Pay the service fee at the Finance sub-division
      • We will give you a call when the results and/or items are ready.
  • Chemistry Program. Tel. 02-201-7121, FAX 02-201-7213 
  • Physics and Engineering Program. Tel 02-201-2178, FAX 02-201-7127
  • Biological Science Program. Tel 02-201-7183, FAX 02-201-7181

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