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One Stop Service

Where is the service center located? Where can I submit samples for testing/calibration?

The customers can submit the samples for testing/calibration at the One Stop Service Center, the 1st floor of Dr.Tua Laphanukhom Building, Department of Science Service (DSS). The DSS is located on Rama 6th Road opposite to Ramathibodi hospital. It is also near Ministry of Industry. The customers can use the entrance on either Rama 6th Road or Yothi Road.

How can I get more information about the services you provide?

The customers can contact the staffs at the One Stop Service Center or make calls to phone numbers below:

Laboratory testing / calibration

Telephone Number

Bureau of Community Technology

0 2201 7116

Chemistry Program 

0 2201 7544

Physics and Engineering Program 

0 2201 7545

Biological Science Program 

0 2201 7183

One stop service staffs

0 2201 7064

How can I track the status of the sample submitted for the testing/ calibration services?

The customers can check the status from the website, use QR Code printed on the service request form, or contact our staffs at a telephone number 0 2201 7065.

How can I pay the fee for the testing/calibration services?

The customers can pay the fee for the testing/calibration services at the One Stop Service Center either by:

  • Cash or
  • Checks payable within 15 days to “Department of Science Service” or “Ministry of Finance. The checks have to be from the bank branches in Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

How can I download a sample submission request form?

The customers can download a request form from the website

How can I make a request for the testing/calibration services?

The customers can make a request for the testing/calibration services at One Stop Service Center by following the steps below:

  1. Please complete a sample submission request form for testing/calibration.
  2. Get a queue ticket.
  3. Submit the sample and request form to our staffs.
  4. Make a fee payment for the testing/calibration services.

What time does the DSS service center open?

The customers can search for the testing/calibration service fee from the website

How can I search for the testing/calibration service fee?

The official working hours, are on Monday – Friday at 08:30 A.M - 16:30 P.M. (No lunch break for picking up the test reports). The center is closed on Saturday – Sunday and Thailand official holidays.

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